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Do you want to become an AUTHOR?

We write, publish and market books

PublishmyBook is a book writing and publishing company for individuals who want to author books focused on Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Web3, Product, Finance, and Technology.

Why These Focus Fields?

Our why is simple. We noticed a scarcity of books in these emerging fields. There is always something that needs answers, but no reliable material on the subject. Browsing the pages of Google will not continue to satisfy the need for accurate knowledge in these fields. We recognized this gap and wanted to help authors get these books to those needing them.

Many people have ideas, videos, and audios that will make great books in this field but have not taken the time to turn them into the worthy books they can be. Some already have these books but have not been able to market them properly to the world.

At PublishmyBook, we want to help you get your books to the audience that needs them. You have that genius. You have that material. Let the world be blessed by it! Let your book be the solution that someone is seeking today.

Why Become An Author?

We should ALL BE WRITERS! Are you still wondering if there is someone who needs to read what you have to say? Let’s assure you that there is. Get that book out there and see what it can bring to you.

Why Trust Us?

You are ready to become that author you have always dreamed of being. But are you feeling skeptical about using our services? We have a million reasons for you to trust us, but we will not bore you with all of them. We just summarise all of it in three E’s!



Your book is not our first! We are experts in these fields. We have a deep well of experience. We have written, published, and marketed several books over the years including books of renowned authors in our focus fields, which are all a great success. . You can check our published book page to see snippets of our books.



We have an unbeaten record of excellence and great work ethics! We offer nothing but the best. We carry out our work timeously and accurately, meeting the required standards. We ensure all our books meet international standards and are of international relevance. We assure you that we do not disappoint.



We don’t do the usual! We have zero tolerance for plagiarism and expect the best of every design done by our professional graphic designers. If you want to stand out from the rest, we are the publishers for you! From your content to designs, printing to marketing, you can always expect uniqueness from us.

What we do

We don’t leave any step to chance on your journey. We provide different services to help you become the international author we know you can be.


Knowledge doesn’t always translate into an ability to write. At PublishmyBook, we understand this challenge. So, we offer ghostwriting services to clients that need them. Our team of content writers is professional at writing in our focus field. We can also help you transcribe audio or video content into a book. All rights to your book, including royalties, are yours. reate unique sections.


A book lives forever! So, you want to be careful about what you put out there. We can help you do all the fact-checking, cleaning up, and optimization of your book. You will get a book that you’ll forever be confident to call yours at the end of the process.


Nothing puts a person off reading a book like grammatical and spelling errors. If you want readers to enjoy your book, you need a second eye to comb it for any errors you might have missed. Our expert proofreaders will ensure your book reads as smooth as butter.


A book is different from an article or social media post. It has to be in a certain format to be printable and easy to read. After proper editing and before printing comes typesetting, which involves putting the symbols, letters, and glyphs that make up a book into the right format for it to be print-ready. Yes, we can get this process done for you without stress.


We know how often a book is judged by its cover before it is even opened. We have professional graphic designers to deliver top-quality designs for your book. Every design will speak class and quality and make your book stand out from the rest.

ISBN Purchasing

Do you want your book to meet international standards and get accepted everywhere? Then, you need an ISBN. We will help you get your ISBN without any stress or issues.

Amazon Listing

Amazon is an internationally recognized body for the purchase of books. Having your book on the platform can help you sell far and wide. We are at your disposal to take your books internationally.

Translation into French, Spanish, German, and other languages

Translating your book into other languages is a sure way to ensure a widespread readership. At PublishmyBook, you have access to the services of expert translators for different languages. We ensure that the message is not lost in translation. It is not just some simple Google translation.


We also deliver the services of printing both paperback and hardcover books. Our printers only use high-quality materials with perfect and excellent care to ensure quality results. Our printing quality definitely matches international standards.

International Media Placements

It is not enough to have your book printed. Books are for more than personal pleasure. You can also engage our service of getting your books on international news and media platforms. We will help you publish your book to the world. Become a global writer with us!

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Let us help you become the international author you’ve always dreamed to become

When Can We Get Started? Right Away!!!

We are ready to get started on your book whenever you are. The best part is that with us, you don’t have to wait too long before your book is ready. Our turnaround time from writing to publishing a book is 30 - 60 days!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It varies. At PublishmyBook, it takes 30 – 60 days to complete a book, from writing to publishing.

The cost of publishing a book depends on the word count, medium of publication, etc. Be rest assured our prices are affordable and our delivery is top-notch.

Yes, we run a printing press that publishes physical books as well. We offer printing services in the US and Nigeria.

Yes, we help people write their books, and they retain all rights as authors. We also convert voice recordings and other content formats into books.

For other inquiries, click the link to send us a WhatsApp message

We Publish the Future...

The PublishmyBook Community

We believe the future is made today, and we want your book to be part of that future. It is not too late to start building that future. We are here to make every step of the way easy for you.

It takes more than one person to publish a book. It takes a community. Our community of writers, graphic designers, marketers, and well-rounded book experts is all you need. You might not know us all, but we are the invisible hands holding your hands all the way to get your book out.

We are the co-creators of your future published book, but we give you all the credit!
Become a Super Author with our Community at your Back!

Why You Need Our Help

Several people want to become authors. Some have written lots of books they are yet to publish. Some have video presentations, slides, podcasts, and contents in other formats that can be translated easily into books. Others have several ideas they want to become a reality. That’s why we exist - to make your dreams of becoming an author a reality!

Several people get stuck writing their books. They have a lot of worries over the style and technicalities needed to publish a great book. We take all those worries off! Whether you have a manuscript or just voice recordings of your content, we can help you get them into a well-polished book.

Let’s help you with writing, editing, typesetting, graphics, ISBN, publishing, listing on Amazon, and even translating to other languages like Spanish, French, German, etc., in less than 60 days.

Publishing Packages

Choose Your Process...

We understand that our clients are all at different stages. So, we offer unique, specialized packages based on what you need. We can customize a process just for you if that’s what you want!

Contact us to see our publishing packages!

We are the co-creators of your future published book, but we give you all the credit!
Become a Super Author with our Community at your Back!

Published Books

See What We Do

We were not discussing possibilities when we said we know how to publish your book. We were speaking from experience. Our published books speak volumes for us. Take a look at the future we offer!

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